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Low-Cost Utilities and High-Quality Water

Abundant Utilities Available to Power Your Local Business

Midland has an abundance of water resources and is home to America’s largest natural gas-fired electrical and steam energy generating plant, Midland Cogeneration Venture — additional benefits for businesses who locate here. In addition, Consumer’s Energy provides gas, electricity and steam options for operating your facilities.

Midland Cogeneration facility offers:
·      Electrical capacity of 1633 MW
·      Steam capacity of 1.5 million pounds per hour
·      Available maximum steam flow of 500,000 lbs. per hour (500 kpph)
·      Steam pressure available at 400 psig
·      Steam temperature available at 470 F

Water Resources

City of Midland
The City of Midland can provide three gradations of water: potable, industrial and Lake Huron untreated. Capacity is 48 MGD for potable water, 11 MGD for industrial, and 10 MGD for Lake Huron untreated, with a maximum of 39 MGD per day.
The City has pretreatment standards for wastewater, and all new businesses and industrial customers should verify the status of the new operation. The City's wastewater plant design capacity is 10 MGD. Its sanitary sewers utilize a tertiary, trickle filter sewage treatment system.
 City of Coleman
The City of Coleman draws its water from municipal wells that provide potable water. Capacity is 2 MGD with a maximum of 500,000 GD per day. The City of Coleman has elevated storage for 200,000 gallons of water. Coleman utilizes sewage lagoons for wastewater treatment, with a capacity of 200,000 GD. Its sanitary sewers utilize a lagoon system as well.
Contact Us for specific information about Midland utilities and infrastructure.