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Add your Exchange account to an iOS mobile device

1.  Tap Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account > Exchange
2.  Enter your information: 
a.  Email: lastname@domain.org (example: help@mitcon.org)
b.  Password: XXXXXXXX
c.  Description: auto-populates
3.  Connect to the Exchange Server:
a.  Email: auto-populates
b.  Server: mail.mitcon.org
c.  Domain: domain name (example: MITCON)
d.  Username: User login ID
4.  Sync your content: Use the radio buttons to select if you would like your Contacts, Calendars, Reminders and Notes to Sync with your mobile device.  When you are finsihed tap Save.

Add your Exchange account to an Android mobile device

1.  Tap Menu > Settings > Accounts and sync > Add > Microsoft Exchang ActiveSync
2.  Enter your email address and password, tap Manual Setup
3.  Enter your information:
a.  Email: lastname@domain.org (example: help@mitcon.org)
b.  Exchange Server: mail.mitcon.org
c.  Domain\username: domain name\user login ID (example: MITCON\help)
d.  Security Type: SSL
e.  Select 'This server requires an encrypted SSL connection'
4.  You may be prompted to Enable Remote Security Administration, tap OK or Allow
5.  Next, select which services you would like to sync with the Exchange Server
6.  Give your account a descriptive name (example: 'work email') and tap Finish setup